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Christmas trends in retail








Christmas this year

is suggested through:








Exclusive offers (such as Advent calendars),

discounts and custom gifting

Loads of offers & many different prices which are matching the wallet of each and every one can be found; Savvy consumers can either offer a gift to themselves (as consumer increasingly expect a personal experience) or compose a gift for someone else (pleasure to offer and pleasure of offering – e.g.: L’Occitane, Lush);

Festive seasonal animations

They are proposed during one of the busiest time of the year to grab people’s attention. Stores & malls are transformed to enhance the everyday environment into a magical Christmas experience. But it’s no surprise that Malls and Sephora Champs-Elysées are those that deliver the best Christmas experience with huge installation that drives footfall. From animated and interactive Christmas windows (e.g. Le Printemps with wonderful spectacle such as “L’Orgue à Parfum”, some of them are showcasing merchandise as gift ideas), to in-store imaginative design and decoration (e.g. Les Galeries Lafayette) with carefully arrayed merchandise gift-ideas and workshop concepts (such as DIY crafts, balloon sculptors, make-up, paper bear and embroideries workshops, photo booth sessions, etc.) that add real value for customers and create memorable experiences.





And daring use of colors and shapes

Traditional colors that are associated with Christmas and mostly used in retail are still the red, white and green colors. But still, funny and festive colors such as the blue (for the Advent calendar), gold, denim, lavender, pink, purple, seapunk colors (e.g. The Body Shop, Sephora) are considered bringing intense flavors and unique sparkling creativity.  Different shapes of gift boxes are also proposed from the star, to the round shape of a snowball, the cone and pyramid wrapping ideas.











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