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A great place for a flan in Paris: Jovoy

A great place for a flan in Paris: Jovoy

Jovoy was relaunched by François Hénin in 2010.

My trend safari in Paris will take you from the perfume section to the beauty section of the website. You’ll travel and flan around, to discover two premium and unique brands.

First stop, JOVOY.

Away from large beauty chains, there is a niche fragrance house with a more modest size –of 175m2 though, and an inimitable savoir-faire. Established in 4 Castiglioni Street, one of the most visited shopping area in Paris, Jovoy belonged to Blanche Arvoy. Pursuing its commitment to unique olfactory stimulation for 95 years, Jovoy Paris is today the maestro of high perfumery.

Unfamiliar to a wide audience but extremely popular among the connoisseurs, perfume experts, vintage perfume’ collectors, the French Haute Perfume boutique is selling candles, fine perfumes with sample collections in miniature bottles and home fragrances coming from all around the world.

Focused on high-end small and rare series of perfumes and candles, the multi-brand shop reveals a unique range of limited edition of fragrances, exclusive and original creations, artistic perfumery, vintage and neo-vintage brands, thanks to key partnerships with worldwide brands that hail from the entire fragrance industry including the perfumery community. The brand creates and sells its own perfume line. Jovoy’ armada of expert noses places it within the tradition of fine perfume-making with a contemporary twist.

Jovoy Paris is continuously pushing back the confines of high-end perfume to bring to its faithful customer rich, exceptional, original and unusual scents and top-of-the-range designed fragrances for men and women. Around 1200 glass bottles of outstanding perfume are available in-store! The choice is yours and the customer service is engaged, skilled, empathetic and helpful, providing the right advice.












The retail boutique with its red signature color on walls along with antiques, a travel trunk, small presentation boxes, assortment cases and glass dome, is designed in a way to turn the products into a precious “object of desire” with high added value. The elegant boutique concept reminds us to a private salon for perfume aficionados with its mini bar and two small salons.












Known as the luxury perfume embassy in the exclusive high-end rare perfume segment, the scented products quality and design, including packaging refinement, are very high and therefore expensive. However, nobody has left aside with more affordable perfumes and candles.





















Thanks to François Hénin, Jovoy has significantly increased its presence in the fragrances market and the brand has its sight set on the future. The revival of Jovoy Paris is clearly a success story making the boutique a shopping destination of the very highest end of the world niche perfume for perfume lovers.

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