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The art of being beautiful

Dear readers,

“No beauty shines brighter than that of a good heart️”. Let’s celebrate beauty today. But first, I want to redefine it.

It’s not boobs and butt.

It’s actions, story, character, charisma, bravery, courage, passions and ultimately face. A woman’s or man’s worth is not found in her/his outward appearance, but in her/his heart. Do your appearance, actions and words reflect that truth?

Unfortunately, “when you are intelligent and beautiful you face a lot of problems. If you are beautiful and stupid, then it’s easy.” Nawal El Saadawi.

Modern world. But it didn’t stop me.

We sadly live in an era where showing more skin, vulgarity, making a sex video public, is the best (if not the only) way to break into a successful career. And these ‘dolls’ are depicted as having an amazing, fulfilling life.

Along the way, we are constantly bombarded with ads, images of beautiful women and men treated like a commodity. More and more good-looking influencers and “public figure” are known for their sexual presence on social media. They openly post suggestive photos and explicit videos of themselves. Showing off its latest swimsuit is great. What is less is the sexually charged self-portraiture that a more suggestive picture or video seems to encourage the most. Being seen as “sex objects” is for some of them their greatest achievement. Their highest value is in their physical, sexual appearance.

“Some people think luxury is the opposite of poverty. It is not. It is the opposite of vulgarity.”
Coco Chanel












The objectification of good looking women and men, semi-naked is a disease. It encourages the sexualization of young girls and boys. And things are only getting worse with time. We tend to settle for mediocre and average, taking things easy because sex and nudity sell. It makes you get an audience, gain more followers and thus more money. These beautiful ‘sex icons’ are famous and wealthy internet celebrities. Gosh. Unfair for smart and authentic beauties, don’t you think? What about hard work, academic performance, self-esteem and dignity?

Don’t get me wrong. Being and feeling sexy, beautiful is a form of confidence and is empowering. I do care about body image, self-assurance, and the right that everyone must feel comfortable in their own skin. But why distort it and make it look like a porn?

Nowadays, being clever, intelligent, maximizing your potential by studying or working hard, is no more a passport for success or great opportunities. Just post photos of yourselves nude or in lingerie, bend into sensual poses or express your sexual values in a suggestive video and you’ll see how much appreciation you’ll get!

The body, instead of the brain, is today the most valuable asset to be used in order to advance a so-called “career”. It’s a form of currency. Think about it. By using our brain, the results we want can take twice as long! Doing meaningful work takes effort, time and creativity. It’s full of risks and there are no guarantees at the end. Thus, we default toward a more comfortable path that provides a state of mental security.

But we must stop settling for less than the best we can do.

Personally, I don’t want to live in a world where people who underestimate themselves are the winners.

I don’t want to be fake and superficial. I want to stay true to myself, authentic. Neither do I want to criticize people or cry on myself. Today, I abandoned all hope of a better past to focus on a brighter future. I have anything I need to make a positive impact in the world. At least, I better try, move and make progress in the direction of my dreams because anything less is not worthy of my time.

Did you know that every successful person, the ones we tend to look to for inspiration in our own lives, has faced their fair share of professional setbacks before, during, and after achieving something great? They not only made it through them but found a way to turn them into something positive.

It makes me feel better. Yes, sometimes you have to be punched in the face to understand that your life is somewhere else and to consider other actions.

So always remember, everything happens for a reason and that people who persist no matter the obstacles, sooner or later are bound to succeed.




The Impossible Girl
“Her look was unique.
She was unique.
She owns the brightest smile
that could light the streets for miles
She has the bravery to tame the wildest beast
yet, she see’s non of these
Once upon a time–not so long ago
she decided that luxury is what she would forgo
so her dreams would not fall,
Her creations could be describe with anything, but banal
What a hardy choice she made
in a crooked world with no aide
She has the strength of ten men
like finest steel she would be hard to bend
like the toughest riddle i could never solve her
on these facts there is no err
It’s rare that anyone would catch the impossible girl,
she appears only to those cut from the same burl” – Leon Hart
Cause she made beauty a priority not a luxury

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