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Un peu différent: fragrance of the new Dior Homme

Un peu différent: fragrance of the new Dior Homme

A breezy February evening, walking down the streets of Boulevard Haussmann, the go-to street for all fashion lovers across the globe, with the grandiose display of exhibits at the Galeries Lafayette and Printemps, a different attraction altogether pulled me in towards it. It was in literal sense a smell, un peu différent, that made me gravitate towards the Sephora showroom in the 8th arrondissement of Paris, the capital city of fashion. The smell that pulled me towards the showroom was Dior Homme’s new fragrance, the Dior Homme Eau de Toilette.

The poster of Robert Pattinson, the Twilight teen heart-throb back in limelight for being cast as the Batman, in a monochromatic backstage with him in action on the stage and the tagline, I’m your Man, welcomed me to the Men’s Fragrance section in the Sephora store. Being a fashion enthusiast and an avid fan of perfumes in general I obviously went ahead to check this new fragrance developed by François Demachy, the internal fragrance creator of the Dior mansion.

The salesperson by the counter handed me over the test strip with a fresh dash of the perfume sprayed on it. I bent my face a little to let the perfume in. The first dash of fragrance that hit my nasals was an earthly blend of scented woods with that of a green freshness. The greenness was a mix of iris I presumed mixed with incense and spices. It was not too strong but wasn’t completely mellowed down either. The fragrance later lingered on in my senses as woody mix of vetiver, patchouli and white musk’s.


The Dior Homme bottle is reinventing itself with rigor and modernity. The shape of the bottle is a sensual, minimal, clean and sculpted block, incarnating a frank and assumed virility. The light and crystalline glass expresses an elegance without superfluity. This overall obsessed simplicity is giving birth to the essential: the beauty of the Dior Homme juice.


I was probably lost in the fragrance and the need of having a bit more of it when I was suddenly pulled back to reality by the salesperson who was eager to know about my first impressions of the fragrance. The fragrance blend proved to be a different interpretation of masculinity, more metrosexual and closely linked with the era we live in, a distinctly and unquestionably masculine alternative to most other perfume that are very rooted in the forthrightly sexy and woody smell.

The first whiff I caught of it was not irrationally exuberant. The scent lingered on for a while and was easy to get accustomed to. It is, in my opinion, a great, subtle and confident option for everyday life or office work, suggesting that insouciant masculinity and simplicity can walk hand in hand!

Anudeep Varma

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