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A glimpse at the Haute Ecole de Joaillerie schools



The renowned Paris Jewerly School “Haute Ecole de Joaillerie”, aka BJOP schools, was created in 1867. It is the heart of the French jewelry, goldsmith, precious stone and pearl industry and the oldest jewelry school in Europe.



When it comes to luxury, training is key and the BJOP private schools are the right place for the transmission of a unique French savoir-faire in the field of art, crafts, jewelry and gems. I felt really lucky to benefit from an educational seminar and thus discover the world of the “métiers d’art”, craftsmanship and gemmology. The seminar was chaired by the President of the French Gemmology Association, Mr. Didier Giard.



During the day, I was able to visit the French Gemmology Laboratory aka "Le Laboratoire Français de Gemmologie (LFG)" with the Director, Mr Olivier Segura.

The school was truly a source of emotional expression. I was even granted a certificate in Jewellery at the end of the seminar!

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