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How can we work together?

Marketing strategy and luxury consulting services:

I work with a highly selected number of clients, helping them define their marketing and brand strategy, digital marketing, social media and content strategies. So, if you need help please get in touch.

Editorial Policy:

Please note that I do not accept unsolicited guest post requests.

Brands can contact me offering trending, unique and exclusive contents that would be of interest to my readers and if I confirm it is a great fit.

It will be my pleasure to endorse, represent or engage brands that I love should you think that Valley of Luxe is the right platform for your luxury product or service.

I only write about products, services, experiences, locations, properties that I have tried or visited. My opinions will always be true, honest and are my own.

Editorial Coverage:

You can contact me to experience your product or service and I will share my experience and reviews with my readers. There is no charge for this service but please note that all my travel costs should be covered.

Press Trips:

Please note that I go on group and private press trips. So, do feel free to contact me. There is no charge for this service but please note that all my travel costs should be covered.

Live social media coverage:

I can provide real-time social media coverage of my experience with my readers and with clear mentions of your brand, product or service (i.e. links to your social media accounts in context) through my social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, YouTube, Snapchat). Please enquire for rates of this service per post.


I host giveaway on Valley of Luxe which is a wonderful way to promote your brand, product or service and engage with my readers. The item should be of appropriate value and brand nature to readership and truly represents your style. They will be promoted through my social platforms and emailed to all my subscribers. You will be responsible of the marketing assets (great image, detailed description of what you are giving away) to help me “sell” your product. I can also create those assets if needed. Please enquire for rates as well as the Giveaway lifespan.

Sponsored posts, twittes, pins and more:

Sponsored posts on Valley of Luxe as well as sponsored posts, twittes, pins, moments and stories on my various social media platforms to promote your brand, products and services are tactics for engagement with my readers. However, ad labels are a must and the content should add value to my readers. Please enquire for rates.

Display advertising:

Various formats are available on the website, posts and newsletter. Please enquire for rates.

Co-creating your future product, service or experience, being the face of one of your brand’s campaigns or the brand ambassador are other exciting options! 

I would love to hear from you!

If you are interested in working together, or have any questions, concerns, comments, complete the form below to get in touch and send your message with necessary details.
I attempt to respond to requests within one business day.