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Museum as an experiential marketing channel

Louis Vuitton exhibition “Volez, Voguez, Voyagez” at the Grand Palais started the 4th of December 2015 and will last until the 21st of February 2016.

During almost three months, the brand will feed us with its inimitable resources such as the Maison’s heritage, history, authenticity and rarity, using an innovative marketing method, the museum platform as an experiential channel.

By emphasizing on the elements of myth, Louis Vuitton enhanced its sustainable competitive advantages, offering a unique brand experience to the contemporary visitors who are customers or potential customers of the company.

The myth of a brand or its founder is a powerful concept when it comes to luxury brands with a strong heritage such as Louis Vuitton. Since it is intangible, the Grand Palais museum is an efficient tool to deliver the Louis Vuitton brand codes –e.g. monogram canvas, brown damier, eponymous LV initials, gold monogram on brown color, quatrefoils, flowers, Japanese and oriental designs, –and values of travel, security, innovation, prestige and elegance.



Louis Vuitton storytelling on its origins helps to build a sense of exclusivity. Another way to activate and enhance the myth is to show to the public craftsmanship skills, heritage-rich products and original creations such as the Louis Vuitton luggage, the Steamer bag, the Keepall bag, the Noé bag, the Speedy bag, the Papillon bag, and the Neverfull bag.














This inspiring journey through Louis Vuitton achievements and successes led us at the end of the exhibition to a section dedicated to craftsmanship where artworks and digital merge to create a stimulating, engaging and memorable experience. The implications of the digital as an artistic media alongside the artist, gives an opportunity to enter the kind of immersive interactive experience that millennials are looking for.

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