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Pop culture and fine fragrance, a strange association!

Pop culture and fine fragrance, a strange association!

The influence of Pop Culture

Fine, luxury, prestige fragrances are unique, pure, precious, exclusive, timeless fragrances, signature scents which need quality ingredients and sophisticated formulations. Whereas, according to the dictionary, pop culture “is defined as music, movies and ideas that are considered accepted and popular by a majority of the population”. Thus, when it comes to pop culture, the word fine fragrance doesn’t seem right. “Mass-market fragrance” or “fashionable fragrance” suits better. Their association rarely come to mind and it sounds a bit strange when perfumers look upon pop culture for fine fragrance creation. Strange it is but pop culture influences and inspires their development.

It has led to a rich area of traditionally crafted albeit modern perfumes which are directly inspired by elements of today’s pop culture.

No brand is perhaps better known for this than Prada, one of the most prestigious and finest brand. They launched in 2015 a range of unisex eau that celebrates pop songs and movies of decades past. Each perfume was sold $300! In clear, what is inspired by pop culture and is supposed to target the mass and thus be more affordable is extremely expensive and accessible only by the Elite. Quite a concept. A trend.

I’m always interested in the way culture, elegance and sophistication are linked and mixed to mass, pop culture.

Today, I’m questioning the real value and authenticity of high-end pop fragrances that are expensive. Does a luxury perfume that is inspired by pop culture still luxury?

In my opinion, luxury pop perfumes are not to be portrayed as timeless, pretentious, expensive, luxurious fragrances. These high-low luxury fragrances should be a peculiar concept that will be produced in limited numbers and will be anything, but more affordable quirky, kitschy, playful disposable items of high quality. If pop culture combinations are to reject the conspicuousness of exclusivity that luxury brands represent so more honesty, bravery is awaited. Price is to be adjusted.

The concept of a fine fragrance is different today

Clearly, the definition of “fine fragrance” or “up-market fragrance”, or “prestige fragrance” has evolved, changed, taking into perspective the new expectations of nowadays consumers and market requirements. Alright, one cannot survive if it does not change with the times.

The total concept of a fine fragrance is vastly different today. Fashion and lifestyle living now have a major role to play in fragrance preference. Fragrances were purchased and worn to strengthen ones’ personality and charm. Nowadays, people buy them because it is supposed to provide a personality, according to modern days lifestyle requirement and promises made in keeping one up-to-date with the latest fragrance trends.

And this won’t stop. Multinationals are eager to find new avenues for growth and millennials, Henry’s (high earning, not rich yet) are key target for the fragrance industry. Luxury fragrances have now very similar requirements as consumer goods. Of course, this does not mean that prestige fragrances are far from artistic creations, but merely states that commercial rules must be followed during creation, while trying to retain the same quality followed in earlier times.
















But let’s take care. Fragrance is to odor what music is to sound. Loud music can lead to improper hearing and irritation. Do we want olfactive deafness?















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