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The top 10 biggest beauty trends for 2018

Enormous changes are occurring in the beauty industry. It’s not an evolution, it’s a revolution!

For 2018, we demand authentic, bespoke, antipollution, clean, probiotic products, more inclusivity, more streamlined routines, and a bigger focus on spiritual skincare and beauty as self-care.

Hope you’re ready because here are the beauty trends that will be brought into our beauty routines this year:


“Au naturel” and “green” lead the beauty trend

There is a notable expansion of the term “natural”, and it includes the source and the ingredients.

Natural hair, natural skin. It’s more than a trend. It’s a lifestyle. It encourages consumers to embrace and accept themselves for who they are. It is all about layering serum, oils (head to toe) and moisturizers for a natural dewy look.

When it comes to makeup, the full-coverage and sculpted faces are over! The steady rise in weightless foundations and water-light textures, put the focus onto real skin and celebrate natural complexions. There is a great focus around lightweight formulas that are thinner than water, and looks that are supernatural i.e. The Ordinary’s Watercolours foundation and Estee Lauder’s Double Wear Nude “water fresh make-up”.

And women embracing body hair…, next.

Green products using natural ingredients continue to be popular with a growing number of consumers buying a small-batch of locally produced and sustainably sourced products. Thus, more and more skincare professionals support products that have renewable ingredients sourced from sustainable harvesting to prevent the plant species from becoming endangered due to unregulated overharvesting. In fact, taking part to worthy causes is becoming an essential element for companies. Brands must have initiatives that go beyond corporate social responsibility and give back to society.

Consumers are looking for natural products in a quest for a more holistic balance between health, wellness and beauty. And when it comes to the latest innovations in skincare we’ll look to the East where smart emerging brands from Taiwan focus on natural and herbal remedies such as Wei Beauty, Lavender Cottage and Yuan. These brands are becoming more and more popular as ancient beauty ritual from China and Indian Ayurvedic healing practices are becoming more mainstream.










Reductive approach

All-in-one kits to streamline your beauty routine. It’s a faster and easier approach to beauty. There will be an increase in travel-sized items and curated makeup kit that includes brand’s bestsellers such as one sleek palette with eye shadows, blushers, bronzers, and a highlighter in one. It allows consumers to test new brands and get a feel of their effectiveness before splurging on a full-size pick.


A minimalistic approach to beauty with a more refined skincare approach. Understand a more minimalist skincare routine and multipurpose products that promise long-lasting benefits (i.e. Lixir, Descorte, Peet Rivko, Alex Carro). We will see a focus toward “on the go” products that we can ultimately mix and match to create further products. Sounds like we are going to save time and money and still retain a healthy glow.


Beauty for all

All the body. Body skincare becomes as important as skincare for the face. So, expect to see cleansers, serums and acid exfoliators for the body, in addition to moisturizers with SPF and masks i.e. Paula’s Choice Resist Skin Revealing Body Lotion 10% AHA.

To continue, there will be more body specific masks for the chest, arms, breasts, the hands that will target specific problem solution needs as well as ageing issues i.e. the Swiss brand Clinic has launched a new Hand Restoring Dry Mask.


All complexions. There is a trend toward beauty that embraces inclusivity. Fast-changing consumer behaviors require brands to redefine their segmentation and embrace multicultural beauty. Brands are therefore forced to adapt to change and become all-inclusive. But Rihanna’s Fenty beauty isn’t the only brand celebrating diversity. Brands such as ASOS, Milk and MAC have cornered the market on inclusive messaging, encouraging accessibility, self-expression and freedom. And more brands are going to expand their foundation shades.


Stone beauty

Legalized in the US, cannabis is the hottest new ingredient in beauty products. And, no, you won’t get high.

The fact is that certain cannabinoids are skin-healing, calming, anti-ageing and anti-inflammatory on the skin. Thus both, luxury and high street brands are launching products containing extracts of the cannabis sativa plant. Cult Beauty for example is launching this year some cannabis-based brands


Nutricosmetic and beauty supplements

The new skin care starts from within. If you imagine that on one side you have nutrition, food, and on the other side medicine and skincare, well, nutricosmetic is somewhere just in between. In the form of powder, drinks or pills they are part of the skincare routine i.e. Beauty Complex mixed into your smoothies or Lumity supplements. But in fact, the next big trend will be topical products paired with complementary supplements and Collagen will be the ultimate healing superfood. Collagen is a protein that is great for skin care, anti-aging, immune system and as we age, the supplemental collagen will be of a great help! It is used to treat many modern afflictions such as acne. The collagen expansion to the mainstream will continue. You can expect to see more collagen products i.e. cream and supplement in retail this year.


Active beauty – beauty products for a life on the go

There is a rising demand for beauty products for active men and women. Work out make-up that is breathable, products targeting exercise-specific concerns from clogged pores to redness are the future. Exclusively skincare products have been developed for active women and men such as Pretty Athletic and Clinique with a new line-up called Clinique Fit.

The boundaries are redefined in the beauty business and one of the phenomena is the desire of consumers to have beauty products with health and wellness products all together in one. In clear, skincare is about beauty meeting wellness.


Gender neutral beauty

We already have seen unisex haircare brands like Løre Originals, unisex skincare brand Sam Farmer, or genderless beauty brands Deciem, The Ordinary, NIOD, Aesop, Grown Alchemist and many more brands and products spreading throughout the beauty industry! But gender lines will keep on blurring more and more and self-identity will matter less and less, most of all when it comes to cosmetic. Brand will stop targeting consumers based on their gender, age, or body type. Packaging, scents, formulas, ads, marketing, are all going in the same direction, tearing down the barriers. Which is great cause sharing is caring!


Environmentally-friendly products and packaging

Beauty products will reflect overarching consumer themes of transparency, sustainability, ethics and trust as consumers become increasingly aware of environmental concerns and climate change.


Packaging. Packaging is playing a role in quality of life. In the beauty sector, we will notice a shift towards eco-friendly, classy, reusable and useful packaging as the consumer becomes more concerns about air pollution and environmental issues” i.e. ‘clean’ beauty brand KINN. But let’s keep in mind that sometimes, no pack is the best pack of all.


Water. With globalization, climate change, population growth, we are shepherding in a new water-constrained era. So, saving water is on the trend. Water, as you may know, is the industry’s most used ingredient. But good, clean water is getting harder to come by. Thus, an effort is made to manage water scarcity and quality. We can see a move towards using less water in products i.e. Lush’s packaging-free Naked range.


Skincare into the space age: the new trend in sourcing products! For skincare companies, finding new places to harvest rare and exotic ingredients is key. And space is the final frontier as skincare is much more important in outer space. With Maysu “space ginseng regeneration” technology the beauty industry is likely to experiment a fundamental shift in 2020. So, let’s stay connected!

Skincare tips from astronauts: clean, healthy hydration is what your skin needs most. So moisturize, moisturize and moisturize!











Bespoke beauty

True. Every year has been declared the year of personalization. And yes, customized products aren’t new. But this year, personalization is getting smarter and smarter and making personalized beauty products are going more mainstream. Plus, in 2018, beauty products that provide personalized specifications, individuality and mirror consumers’ own values and beliefs will take the center stage! So, happy?

The rise of indie brands. Consumers want products that fit their own personal routines, and meet their sensitivities. Thus, they are looking to new indie brands that reflect the change in their tastes. These independent brands are clearly offering fresh perspectives and unique benefits that big brands can’t fulfill.

We are seeing a more custom approach to make-up, i.e. Trinny London’s computer-generated prescription of products, and to skincare with brands tackling anti-ageing at its source. Factoring in DNA testing, using genetics, tracking habits are a way to deliver more effective results.

Products will also tap into your natural rhythms and cycles (like circadian rhythms) and form a connection with hormonal cycles to restore balance, aid recovery and promote health and wellness (i.e. Jurlique, Avon, Ciracadia by Dr Pugliese). For example, based on the data gathered and your daily skin condition, the Smile connect app of Japanese skincare brand Kanebo will give you advice on the best way to improve your skincare routine in relation to seasonal changes.


Beauty gadget

The latest innovations and high-tech beauty gadgets and tools, from disposable wearables that track UV exposure to appliances that make cocktail for your skin with pre-packaged ingredients, give you makeup tutorials, skincare advices or help you customize your serum, are opportunities for consumers to optimize their skincare routines. Based on individual skin concerns, sleep habits, lifestyle or environmental factors, these tools make advanced anti-ageing more accessible. From light therapy masks and micro needling devices such as the derma roller GloPRO Micro needling Regeneration Tool, to devices like the SENSE Eye Massager, utilizing sonic high frequency vibration, precision is brought to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

In 2018, the beauty industry shows no sign of slowing down and here are my favorite beauty products:

My Favourites

– Molton Brown London Mens’ Carry-On Set
– Inika Certified Organic BB Cream
– EiR NYC – All Natural Surf Mud Pro Stick
– Fre Skincare – Defense Facial Moisturizer

What about you? Do you have a carefully thought out beauty routine?

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