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Visoanska at the “Six Senses” Luxury Spa

Visoanska at the “Six Senses” Luxury Spa

I spotted the French anti-ageing skincare brand VISOANSKA at the « Six Senses » luxury Spa.

Thanks to Elisabeth Visoanska and since 2005, luxury, ecology and sustainable development are combined to create a limited range of premium-priced eco-luxury cosmetic products under the brand VISOANSKA. The products are sold in prestigious places around the world, at the Visoanska new boutique based in Le Marais, on the brand website, as well as in the “Six Senses” Paris Spa.

This pioneer brand in the natural luxury niche segment has set the stage for a new, sustainable and eco-friendly luxury. However, Visoanska is a logical, planned and most welcomed revolution in the cosmetology world. Let me explain.

Over the years, we have been fueled up with natural, bio, green, sustainable, ethical conscious consumption to build a healthy society. The trend over vegan, vegetalian, vegetarian and paleo diets, with localism, fasting centers flourishing around the world, gluten-free, detox, cleanses, organic juice programs, made consuming right a way to save the world.

“Tell me what and how you consume, and I’ll tell you who you are” is shaping the direction of our life.






We are more conscious about our ecological footprint impact on our beloved planet, we are more focused on ourselves (e.g. trend toward individualism). The environmental consequences of our choices, for us and for the rest of the world, are even more important nowadays. Add to this, the fact that consumers are more and more concerned about the continued resource shortages and you will reach the point where we are today: responsibility, wellness, health are the new basis of brand loyalty!

Ghandi said “Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.” It matters more than ever.

Customers are looking for new, meaningful and engaging experiences, design, emotions. We’ve seen the home remedies and natural beauty trends that have evolved into a new concept of personalized beauty-crafting treatments with natural products to be concocted into the kitchen e.g. the BIY (aka Blend It Yourself) and DIY (aka Do It Yourself) trend. They want to go beyond possession against superficiality and artifice, focusing on their comfort and well-being. They also want authenticity, honesty and radical transparency e.g. origin, traceability, ingredient. Understanding the products and knowing the truth about the ingredients could be the new wellness solution for the future of beauty industry.

And, yes, the time to market was also perfect!











But, in my opinion, the real plus is that the eco-luxury cosmetic brand Visoanska combines biotechnology with natural ingredients. Thus, we don’t have to choose between high-quality natural ingredients and technology. Each product is eco-concerned and social responsible. The brand also understood that ethic and transparency –for the formulas and ingredients –are playing a key role in this game for conscious consumption and lifestyle. Which is great! Well, everything in this eco-luxury cosmetic brand seduces me and I’m not paid for saying that. The brand conveys differentiation, innovation and communicates care, emotion and responsibility. Last but not least, Visoanska was the winner of the 2017 Best European Luxury Skincare & Spa Brand Award.


My trend safari journey comes to an end. I discover fantastic new brands all the time, but I have to say that Jovoy and Visoanska have secured their spot in my heart.

I would love to hear about what you’ve been loving lately too, so leave a comment and I might just give it a try!

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